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Dear Amane,

I do apologize for being so long in writing. I did not realize how long it had been since I abandoned this journal. After encountering much rejection, I became depressed and put everything aside.

The strangest, and most unbelievable thing happened. Bakura went out and made friends. Yes, Bakura. Some of them are strange, but all seem to be good at heart. He pretty much forced me on them with a bit of "Here is my Hikari. You WILL like him. Capicé!" ...And to think, he wants to be a diplomat at the U.N. (Truth be told, I think he is only interested in the "Diplomatic Immunity". ha ha) Imagine: Bakura with nukes. Shudder.

The BBC wanted me to go to Egypt during the recent crisis there. There was a coup that overthrew the government. Riots in the streets, turmoil, crisis. It was all I could do to keep him from accepting the job for me. I knew he would be too tempted to pick up a few illegal souvenirs.

Bakura is dating someone he really loves. Remember how I told you about Mariku? Bakura is now dating Mariku's Hikari. (There is a good chance that it was Mariku's Hikari that was in love with Bakura all along, rather than Mariku himself.) Well Mr. Marik contacted Bakura; and they fell for each other immediately. Both Mr. Marik and Mariku have moved into what we call Casa Bakura. (I should point out that Mariku has his own body now, he killed someone; and is re-animating the flesh. To the average person, it looks like the person who's body he is in. However, the three of us can still see Mariku.)

I have met someone as well. He is a blond. (Yeah, I know.) And he has the most dreamy eyes. I saw him in the library. He was telling a fairy tale to a group of children. I listened by the door. (I don't know if he noticed.) The story was a romance; and by the time he was finished, I think I was in love. I was too shy to say anything then, because I could feel myself blushing from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I just slipped away into the night. As fate often takes over in situations. I ran into him again a few days later. I made an effort to bump into him from time to time after that. Finally after dropping hints that I was interested, I asked him out. He said "Yes". Wish me luck.

I have to go now though. I hear Mr. Marik coming home from work. I promise to keep you updated more in the future.

I met a group of potential friends.

I spoke to two people. One was a nice looking blond girl about my age. It seems she also has a problem similar to my own. She was suddenly taken aback about how she arrived at the place where I met them.

The other person there was a P.E. teacher. I do so hope he is a nice one. I have had problems with ones in the past. He appeared to be green. I hope he wasn't feeling ill.

Dear Amane,

I wish you were here. I get so lonely without you.

I had some friends come over tonight. Your brother cooked for them. I think we all enjoyed that. We watched Damekko Dōbutsu and laughed at the "Useless animals in The Useless Forest". My friends aren't here anymore though.

Monster World

I got a chance to roleplay this morning. It was fun. Afterward I couldn't find my friend though. I wonder where he went. I do hope he is o.k.

First post

Oh splendid. I have a live journal now. I can't wait to make some nice friends.

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